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Toys Through History

In our Toys Though History incursion, students get hands-on with materials and explore how materials, design and changes to society has helped toys evolve.    We also experiment with stored energy and how this has influenced toys.

Recommended for Grades F-6

Interactive learning

We bring over 40 different types of toys and arrange them into different activity stations, based on a timeline that extends from the present day to 40,000 years ago.  We explain how toys evolved, how materials have changed over time and how the ability to store and release energy has influenced the design and development of toys.

Students rotate around the stations and get hands-on with the toys, experimenting with the toys, their materials and how toys have changed.

Students also investigate an o-wing toy (which they may keep) and identify its features, origins, materials and energy use.


Aligned to your teaching

Our programs are teacher-delivered, Victorian Curriculum aligned and come with free pre- and post-incursion resources.  


We’re experienced in teaching from kinder to VCE and we will work with you to tailor our visit to your focus.

Excellent Value

Our competitive pricing structure is excellent value for money.

  • Minimum callout: (includes up to two sessions, with up to 50 children in total) $545 + GST. 

  • 3+ sessions $275 + GST per session.

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Important stuff

  • Each session runs for 60 minutes. We can adjust to fit 50 minute timetables.

  • Numbers are limited to one class (approximately 25 students) per session, to enable maximum participation and meaningful hands-on time with our toys.

  • We require the use of a large indoor space such as a BER building, multipurpose room or double-classroom.

  • We will arrive at least 45 minutes prior to the beginning of the session to set up.

  • We have full public liability insurance.

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Terms and Conditions:

An estimation of the total cost of the incursion will be made based on current or projected student numbers at the time of booking.  Cancellations made 5 or less business days before the date of the incursion will be charged for 50% of the estimated cost of the incursion.

Schools 40KM+ from Melbourne may incur a travel surcharge, please discuss this with us when you book.

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